[kdepim-users] open request to KDEPIM devs to address four long-standing regressions

pkbugs+kdepim at ssl-mail.com pkbugs+kdepim at ssl-mail.com
Sun Oct 16 17:55:21 BST 2011


I've now got 250+ KDEPIM 4.7.1/2 users.

There are four REGRESSIONS that I'm hearing a lot of complaining about
from these users.

(1) An option to turn off QR codes display in KDE Kontact
(2) An option to display "Favorite Folders" as a list, rather than as
(3) Ability to sort accounts, and folders within accounts, "Manually, by
drag & drop"
(4) Fix search on IMAP folders

All of these issues are known, worked before, have been repeatedly
reported as bugs/requests/forum posts/etc, and remain
unaddressed/unfixed for various, unclear reasons.  Posting more
redundant info to those same reports expecting a new/different result is
only making things worse -- they're scattered all over the place.

These issues are costing us time & money to support.  And remaining
unfixed release after release is making it very difficult to drive &
maintain successful end-user uptake.
We're fending off user mutinies at this point; it's becoming cheaper &
more productive to NOT use KDEPIM.  That's NOT the result I want, and
hope that there are those in the dev community that might agree.

Can we PLEASE get some developer attention to these?  KDE's user
community members are happy to try to give you the info & support that
you need, but it requires a conversation and some guidance.



p.s.   Yes, I'm sure others have other priorities.
p.p.s. No, we don't have the KDE coding skills in house to 'fix it
ourselves'.  Our contribution it to use, report, and try to help with
needed information.
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