[kdepim-users] open request to KDEPIM devs to address four long-standing regressions

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Mon Oct 17 01:18:18 BST 2011

Hi Kevin,

On Sunday, October 16, 2011 9:47 PM, "Kevin Krammer"
<kevin.krammer at gmx.at> wrote:

> Lets see if we can find out when these were introduced.
> It will be easier for the developers if we can specify how a respective 
> feature worked in previous KMail versions.

I supsect that information is all in the bugs already, and that the devs
who changed/disabled the features are well aware of them.  Getting THOSE
devs *connected* with THOSE bugs is the challenge.

>> (1) An option to turn off QR codes display in KDE Kontact
> I am using KMail 1.13.7 here ...

It's not in KMail, it's in Kontact/KDEPIM as shipped with KDE 4.7.1/2.

There's no toggle.  They're just ON whether you like it or not.

>> (2) An option to display "Favorite Folders" as a list, rather than as icons
> could you point me to where I can toggle that?

Afaik, it's not IN KMail1.  And there's no toggle in KMail2.  It's just
ON whether you like it or not.

> I thought that KMail 1.x only had list, can you point me to the option
> where this can be toggled to icons?

Again, this is KMail2.  No toggle or option available. It simply changed
from KMail1.

No issue with alternative features being ADDED, as long as they're
treated as alternatives, not as someone's idea of a mandate, and don't
take away functionality that users prefer &/or depend on.
> Is there a setting for freely sortable folders or do I need to press&hold specific modifier key?

Again, in KMail2.

> > (4) Fix search on IMAP folders
> I can confirm that this works with KMail 1.13.7

Right, hence the regression.

> Yeah, true. Way to few people helping with bug triaging :(

Let's give credit where credit is due.  The triagers are doing, imo, a
pretty good job.  The collection/consolidation of duplicate bug reports,
and even prioritization, seems to plug along.  The problem is that
little gets done with the bugs once triaged.  Ultimately, one needs a
developer "in" the discussion to interact with the users to get the
information they need to figure out the problem in enought detail to fix
it.  Simply waiting around for non-developer users to magically come up
with the development-level detail needed, without guidance, leads to
frustration and inaction -- on all fronts.

> Assuming you don't like losing money without any change, have you tried 
> contacting one of the companies which provide services around KDE, such
> as custom development, SLA contracts, etc?
> There is at least one company which did quite some customer driven 
> enhancements for KMail/Kontact before.

We'd happily pay the community or foundation through memberships, or
some such, if we could fidure out HOW to pay either, AND had the
slightest confidence that what we asked for would get dealt with in a
timely fashion, and pushed into a supported production-quality release. 
The process is broken -- many things that needing fixing aren't getting
fixed.  That's not 'blame', that just 'is'.

We certainly pay for custom enhancements/development/etc where we need
it.  Personally, I don't consider fixing functional regressions a
'customer driven enhancement'.  In this case, we're more than willing to
contribute our time & effort to the solution where we can help.

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