[kdepim-users] Kaddressbook lost contacts 11.10 upgrade

Andreas Zeller a-zeller at web.de
Sat Oct 29 10:29:10 BST 2011

Am 29.10.2011, 10:48 Uhr, schrieb Kevin Krammer <kevin.krammer at gmx.at>:

> On Monday, 2011-10-24, Andreas Zeller wrote:
>> Am 22.10.2011, 10:12 Uhr, schrieb Kevin Krammer <kevin.krammer at gmx.at>:

>> >> As a test, in 11.10 I imported an old vcf card file into  
>> Kaddressbook,
>> >> and on that basis I believe the
>> >> Kaddressbook contacts are now stored as individual vcf cards in
>> >> ~/.local/share/contacts. Is that correct?
>> my ~/.local/share/contacts/ contains only WARNING_README.txt
>> If I look in my backups, ~/.local/share/contacts doesn't exist.
> So it seems that between your backup and your current setup a "Personal
> Contacts" handler has been created but not used.
> Can you try running
> kcmshell4 kcm_akonadi_resources
> and check if the is such an entry and if yes if it uses the above path
> (select, click configure)?

kcmshell4 kcm_akonadi_resources starts a Programm-Window called  
"Einrichtung des persönlichen Informationsmanagement von Akonadi"  
(personal information management of Akonadi) with no entry. The presets  
are also empty. What shall I add? My ~/.local/share/contacts is empty.

By the way, if I start "Einrichtung des persönlichen  
Informationsmanagement von Akonadi" from the system control panel, there  
are many entries:

two times "Persönliche Kontakte" (Personal Contacts) referencing to  
~/.local/share/contacts/ (there is only WARNING_README.txt)

akonadi_kabc_resource_6 and akonadi_kabc_resource_7, doesn't work because  
no KDE_ addressbook

akonadi_kabc_resource_8 and "Adressbuch von Kontakte" (addressbook of  
Kontacts), working, references to ~/.kde/share/apps/kabc/stdvcf (vCard)  
which is empty

>> > Yes, that's the default location for the addressbook called "Personal
>> > Contacts".
>> > I am on a very old KDE setup, upgraded through the years, so my
>> > addressbook is
>> > still $HOME/.kde/share/config/kabc/std.vcf
>> ~/.kde/share/config/kabc/ doesn't exist in my home neither in my backup.
> Yeah, my bad, ~/.kde/share/apps/kabc not share/config

My ~/.kde/share/apps/kabc contains only empty *.vcf files.

>> > The most likely location, if it isn't $HOME/.local/share/contacts is
>> > $KDEHOME/share/apps/kabc, where $KDEHOME is usually $HOME/.kde if the
>> > variable
>> my ~/.kde/share/apps/kabc/ contains only empty *.vcf files and if I look
>> back in my backups, that's this way since month but KAdressbook works
>> properly till last week
> Very strange.
> Can you check through running
> kcmshell4 kcm_akonadi_resources
> whether you have any other addressbook handlers?

see above.

I assume the data is still stored in Akonadi because if I search for  
eMail-addresses, I found them inside


where ~/.local/share/akonadi/db_data/ibdata1 and  
~/.local/share/akonadi/db_data/akonadi/parttable.ibd contain 10 MiB each.

THANKS A LOT FOR YOUR HELP, I'm desperately looking for a solution

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