[kdepim-users] KAddressbook + LDAP still does not save new addresses

Robin Atwood robin at binro.org
Sat Oct 29 18:43:42 BST 2011

This problem has persisted ever since KAB was the first app converted to 
Akonadi.I have a LDAP back-end for my address book and KAB loads the entries 
OK. But when I enter a new address it is not flushed back to the LDAP server. 
I first tried to close Kontact, then recycle akonadi but the address is not in 
the LDAP db. I restart Kontact and now the new entry is gone from the KAB. 
Restarting Akonadi seems to lose the new entry. This is now a very long-
standing problem, search the kdepim archives if you don't believe me!

Robin Atwood.

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