[kdepim-users] KMail2 still some problems

Andras Mantia amantia at kde.org
Thu Oct 13 12:41:01 BST 2011

Robin Atwood wrote:

> I have just upgraded to KDEPIM 4.7.2 and still have some of the problems I
> encountered when I first tried it last June. I had previously changed my
> personal account from mbox to maildir format since mbox support seemed
> very flaky. My folders seemed to migrate OK but I had to recreate the
> maildir account. The problem is still two-fold: I have to manually click
> the check button to receive new mail and the filters are not applied, that
> must be done manually as well. Anyone know of a solution to this, I don't
> want to back it all out for the second time. :(

What do you mean by having to manually click on check mail? How is your 
system set up?

As for the filters: unfortunately 4.7.2 doesn't have the new filter agent, 
so it is virtually the same as in 4.7.1, that had some issues with filters 
that e.g marked the message and moved.

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