[kdepim-users] what's with changing my shortcuts???

John Aldrich jmaldrich at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 3 15:47:41 GMT 2010

I don't know what happened, but suddenly today all my shortcuts got reset, 
so that CTRL+ENTER became "select all" instead of "send message" and such. 
This is highly annoying. Is this some sort of "global reset" on the 
shortcuts? It hung my system a few minutes go so that I had to shut down my 
VNC server to get KMail to shut down after it locked up when I used 
CTL+ENTER to try and send an email that I had typed up.

Is there some sort of "global reset" shortcut for the shortcuts that I 
might have hit by accident???? I know I haven't installed any updates today 
and it was working fine right up until I tried to send that email.

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