[kdepim-users] another nepomuk question

EyĆ¼p Hakan Duran ehakanduran at gmail.com
Mon Mar 22 20:57:40 GMT 2010

Thanks to Ingo for notifying me about my mistake of replying only to
him, instead of the list. See, without Kmail, things may get quite
more difficult :) (I am at work and using the gmail web interface,
hence the mistake). Please see below for my and Ingo's replies on this
thread, for the sake of completeness.

> I also occasionally get 'nepomuk is not registered to dbus' kind of
> error. I googled it and found this on a kubuntu forum:
> http://kubuntuforums.net/forums/index.php?topic=3110537.0
> In the third post from the top, somebody claims that this behavior
> might be related to some language settings, and his example was the
> Turkish language, which is my locale and language setting. This would
> explain why this problem was not reported very commonly before. I am
> also familiar to Turkish language related major problems from before:
> It happened with Java and Elisa before, secondary to the lowercase "i"
> character without a dot on top, specific to Turkish, being
> misinterpreted by java or python. I converted my language and keyboard
> layout settings from KDE control center, and it didn't solve the
> problem. I might have to change the whole locale to make sure, but I
> forgot how to do that. Can someone please remind me how to convert the
> whole locale to en_US with utf8 encoding?
> Thanks for the list Ingo. I am pretty sure all of those are installed
> in my Mandriva box, but I will double check tonight at home to make
> sure.
> Regards,
> Hakan

Ingo's reply:

I think you have to
export LC_ALL="en_US.UTF-8"
in your ~/.bashrc.


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