[kdepim-users] quoting text in reply in KMail

Ingo Klöcker kloecker at kde.org
Wed Mar 3 21:17:18 GMT 2010

On Wednesday 03 March 2010, Louis Hinman wrote:
> I just upgraded my Linux installation from Slackkware 12.2 (which
> used KDE 3.5.10) to Slackware 13.0, which incorporates KDE 4.2.4.
> I am finding that reply emails fail to include text of the original
> email.  (In 3.5.10, the reply includes the entire text of the
> original email by default (otherwise, whatever part of the original
> text you select).
> Is there someplace to adjust this?

Please see the following thread in the archive:

> Also, I had Composer set to use the external editor:  gvim %f
> This was working, but it unaccountably disappeared and now when I try
> to set it again in the configuraton screen for Composer, it
> disappers again.

Quite some time ago another user reported problems with using an 
external editor. It's not unlikely that there's a bug in this feature as 
it isn't used that often. I suggest to check bugs.kde.org for an 
existing bug. If you cannot find an existing bug report for this then 
please file a new one.

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