[kdepim-users] New Kaddressbook issues

Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at gmx.at
Thu Jan 14 10:18:10 GMT 2010

On Wednesday, 2010-01-13, Dotan Cohen wrote:

> Additionally, I have these questions:
> 1) Why is the Notes field under business?

My guess: it is the tab which had most free space to put a large additiona 
field onto.

> 2) Why does the photo field show twice (Contact and Business)? If this
> is meant to be Photo and Logo, then they are unlabed and the user has
> no way of knowing that this is the intention.

True, at least the logo field on the business tab should be labelled as such 
or maybe show a different kind of graphics that indicates it is not meant to 
be a person's portrait.

> There are also other small, non-showstopper issues such as the
> inability to hide the Resources pane, even when there is only one
> resource.What can be taken care of, and on which issues should I start
> filing bugs?

To hide the resource pane just move the divider/splitter between it and the 
next pane to the until it collapses.


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