[kdepim-users] Support for palm devices in KDE SC 4.4 and beyond?

Ingo Klöcker kloecker at kde.org
Fri Jan 8 22:16:20 GMT 2010

On Friday 08 January 2010, Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Thursday 07 January 2010 21:39:52 Ecaroh wrote:
> > And also as a very difficult thing i consider the switch from flat
> > text files to databases in all Kontact parts from KDE 3.x to KDE
> > 4.x. Whatever i want to sync or to exchange with different
> > computers, the flat text files are easy to maintain and to handle.
> As far as I know you will still be able to choose to work with flat
>  text files instead of the akonadi databases.  Certainly in SC 4.4
>  you can.  The point of akonadi databases  is to make your data and
>  metadata available across applications.  If you don't need that you
>  can stick to your flat files. Currently some people are having some
>  problems with migration to akonadi, but if you don't need to do it
>  for a while, they will be resolved.

The impression that the storage will switch from flat text files to 
databases is a misconception. The flat text files will still be used for 
storing the actual data (contacts, events, email messages, etc.). The 
database is used for storing metadata (which was previously stored in 
binary index files or not at all) and for caching some of the data for 
faster access.

This means that it will still be possible to simply copy the flat text 
files, but you will lose some information like tags.

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