[kdepim-users] New Kaddressbook issues

Anne Wilson annew at kde.org
Thu Jan 14 10:06:40 GMT 2010

On Wednesday 13 January 2010 21:08:07 Dotan Cohen wrote:
> I have noticed the following issues which prevent me from using the
> new Kaddressbook in KDE SC 4.4 RC1:
> 1) In the main view, I cannot show Given Name column, Family Name
> column, or Role column.

In the Display Name field, use Custom

> 2) In the main view, I cannot filter by Category.

Categories are being replaced by tags.  Migration for this is not yet 

> 3) Opening a contact via Krunner opens the vcard in Kate.

File Association problem.

> 4) Krunner shows confusing results when searching for a name. See
> attached screenshot.

No idea - I don't see that.

> 5) ‎The "Apply" button is missing from the Edit Contact dialogue.

Not needed.  Unlike some configuration boxes, changing tabs doesn't require 
that you save your changes first.  OK, when finished, is all you need.

> 6) Missing Fields: Multiple IM addresses,

Not yet available.  Use notes temporarily

> Categories, Edit different
> parts of the name (for some of my contacts I only know the given nane,
> for others only the family name), 

Use Display Name, Custom

> Custom Fields.

Not yet available
> Additionally, I have these questions:
> 1) Why is the Notes field under business?

No idea - as long as I have a notes field, I don't care.

> 2) Why does the photo field show twice (Contact and Business)? If this
> is meant to be Photo and Logo, then they are unlabed and the user has
> no way of knowing that this is the intention.
They could be used that way, I guess, if the user wishes, since they are 
independently set.  I don't see the problem.  Ignore what you don't need, use 
what's available in the way that suits you.

> There are also other small, non-showstopper issues such as the
> inability to hide the Resources pane, even when there is only one
> resource.What can be taken care of, and on which issues should I start
> filing bugs?
You could file a wish for hiding the resource pane, though how you'd add a new 
resource, I'm not sure, if it was hidden.  Other than that, none of these are 
unknown or not already being worked on.

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