[kdepim-users] kMail 4.5.80 Problems

Mario Fetka mario.fetka at gmail.com
Mon Dec 6 16:21:54 GMT 2010


i have been using now kMail from the kde sc 4.5.80 for about a week now.

there are some really annoing things about the upcomming kMail Client:

1. It's horrible slow:
for ex. i have a imap folder with 2000 mails (gentoo devel mailinglist) it 
takes a very long time befor i even can see the threads and even longer befor 
i can read a selected mail (if ever). This is really frustrating (kmail 1 was 
really fast on the same thing)

2. i cant create a filter on mailinglist just by rightclick create filter by 
Mailinglist on the mail (its grayed out) it just don't work with List-ID even 
if i write it in manually

3. if it checks for new mails kMail becomes unusable until i stop the sync or 
wait for it to finish 

this are the problems that really bother me

otherwise its a great client

so thx for this great Mail Client

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