[kdepim-users] kmail 1.13.1 address book problem

Dave Stevens geek at uniserve.com
Sat Apr 17 01:15:47 BST 2010


I had a bit of trouble with kmail in F11 a couple of months ago and mostly 
that has been cleared up. I tried at one point to get access to my address 
book by creating a new address book (addressbook2) and importing my addresses 
into it. That worked ok and gives me basic functionality, but now, when I 
right click on an address I can addit to the address book, but need to specify 
addressbook2. I don't really want to have two address books and would like to 
be able to just right click on "add to address book" and have the rest take 
place automagically. Can someone suggest what I should do here?

Also, in the same context, I used to be able to click on an address that was 
already in my address book and I'd have an option to "open in address book." 
Is that gone, or is it an artifact of my having two address books?

And finally, is there a setting to make kmail harvetst addresses in sent mail 
so they get added automatically to the address book if they aren't already 

And if it makes any difference I use the gnome desktop.

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