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Anne Wilson cannewilson at googlemail.com
Sun Apr 18 09:50:06 BST 2010

On Saturday 17 April 2010 21:46:29 r bartlett wrote:
> I am struggling here.  As of whatever the update was about a month ago,
> Kmail and Kontact have been barely useable.  One problem is that the
> Addressbook simply doesn't appear sometimes.  When I need an address, it's
> just ... blank.  Another issue is that at random times when I click send,
> the email grays out as if it's going to send and then just hangs.  It's
> frustrating because I can SEE the email, but I can't select any text in
> it...Kontact responds, I can move and resize the window, but I can't click
> inside it...nothing.  I have to kill the process and rewrite the email
> from scratch (it doesn't send).
> I'm really shocked at the vast number of basic issues that have cropped up.
>  I really don't have time to mess around for days or weeks with trying to
> set up servers (Akonadi, etc) and certainly don't want to have things
> hanging right after I've spent 30 minutes writing an email.  That's the
> whole reason I migrated to Linux from Windows in the first place.  I don't
> know where to begin to fix these issues.  But clearly I'm not the only one
> having problems, either.  Addressbooks are disappearing, IMAP is hanging,
> etc., etc.
> Can I downgrade Kmail to a previous version, perhaps?  And if so, what are
> the steps necessary to do that?
You'd do better to upgrade your KDE.  You don't say which version you are 
using, but these are issues that were there in the first release of akonadi-
controlled addressbook.  Taking one at a time -

Disappearing addressbook - close kontact.  Start kaddressbook as a stand-
alone, close kaddressbook and go back to kontact.  It's a known bug, though I 
haven't seen it occur for some time, so could well be fixed now.

Sending mail - if you had left it alone, it would have eventually gone.  
Again, it's a known bug that is now fixed.  It was caused by nepomuk searching 
for all possible matches of the address, as I understand it.  It does not 
happen in 4.4.2 - and I think was resolved in 4.4.1.

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