[kdepim-users] Imap gets "stuck"

John Aldrich jmaldrich at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 18 15:12:07 BST 2010

On Sun April 18 2010, Anne Wilson wrote:
> I don't think it would help.  Since KMail 2 is a complete re-write, you
> couldn't apply bugs for KMail 1 to it.  I think we have to do the best
> we can and solve local issues (with bug reports if we can find the
> reason, and, preferably, a work-around), then wait to see how many
> problems are solved in KMail 2.
Well, so far (knock on wood) setting the IMAP connection to check every 5 
minutes seems to have resolved the issue, although it's not *every* time I 
let it sit overnight, etc.... *shrug* I guess I'll just check it over the 
next week or so and see what happens. If it does lock up again, I'll file a 
bug report and see if the developers can find anything.

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