[kdepim-users] next unread mesage, newest or oldest?

Dj YB yehielb at mail.ru
Sat Apr 10 18:19:40 BST 2010

On Saturday April 10 2010 17:42:29 Ingo Klöcker wrote:
> On Saturday 10 April 2010, Dj YB wrote:
> > hello,
> > it seems like "next unread message" is looking for the next unread
> > message from top to bottom of the mails list.
> > however the mails are not necessarily ordered by ascending date from
> > top to bottom therefore we don't get the next unread message as in
> > the first to arrive that we didn't read... (I hope that wasn't too
> > confusing).
> > the problem arises for me in the inbox folder where the newest
> > messages are in the top and "next unread.." is starting from the top
> > resulting in reading the new mails before the old ones.
> Hmm, if you use threading then I don't understand where the problem is.
> With threading the messages in the thread are sorted "older messages
> first" so that "next unread message" does exactly the right thing.

in the mailing-lists folders where I use the threading there is no problem
only in the folders that are not for threads like the "inbox".

> Or is the problem that newer threads are read before older threads? Is
> this really a problem? Usually, different threads are unrelated so it
> shouldn't really matter in which order you read them.

that is not a problem for me.

> > I think a way to "fix" (as I am not sure what was the original goal)
> > this is to look by thread date (if there is such a thing)...
> I don't think making "next unread message" jump seemingly randomly from
> message to message would be very user friendly.

it shouldn't be random the messages are ordered (when not threaded) by date 
only descending and not ascending.

> > thanks for your attention, this should probably was better sent to
> > the kde-pim list, though many are subscribed in both.
> I think it's better to discuss something like this with other users,
> i.e. on this mailing list. Developers (like me) often have very
> different needs and workflows than other "normal" users.
> Another place for discussing ideas is KDE Brainstorm:
> http://forum.kde.org/kde-brainstorm-f-83.html
> Regards,
> Ingo
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