[kdepim-users] Clicking on new mail causes Index problem

r bartlett techwritebos at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 17 14:54:21 BST 2009

>On Friday 16 October 2009 21:15:41 Pablo Sanchez wrote:

>> So unlike Anne's experience, I find kmail to be very robust moving
>> huge chunks around.  
>Note that I did say that in the past I had found it necessary to limit the 
>number.  I've had no problems for some time now, but can't swear as to how 
>big a chunk I've moved recently.  At the time I had problems I resolved it by 
>taking a known smaller number, say 50, then increasing it for each move until 
>I found the number that was uncomfortable for kmail to handle.

Well, I think I may have solved (albeit the roundabout way) the problem:  I wiped out the .kde directory entirely and started over, using Kmail's "Import" feature instead of just copying the directories that were described in the (my post a few weeks ago) "what files should I backup?" post.  Anne, you made a very nice little page in the userbase about it.  However, I tried initially to just copy over the entire .kde directory.

So I think most of the issues were caused by small, system specific problems.

You were also right (I think) about the Mbox directory being the one that was corrupt.  Curiously, I seem to have had an Mbox directory _inside_ the folder structure of the Maildirs.  Not sure how I managed to do that, but if I'm understanding the description right, Maildirs appear in Kmail as separate folders inside the Local Folders file and Maildir folders are part of a connected tree?  

In any case, Importing was able to get some (curiously, not all) of my folders and subfolders, as well as the big wonking Mbox directory.

Alas, the "Replied to", "Forwarded" and so on info it totally gone, it appears.  And the suggestion to make a filter is great but wouldn't work for whole directories where it's been years and I don't know if I replied to it or didn't.  (Probably did, but there's always that random email where you're like "I should have replied months ago!!!").  It's perfect for once in a while though, when I need to mark something replied.

Lastly, my addressbook and calendar info aren't there.  Just blank.  I thought I copied over the "korganizerrc" file and so on...are there other files that need to be copied too...data files?

As always, many thanks!

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