[kdepim-users] Clicking on new mail causes Index problem

Anne Wilson cannewilson at googlemail.com
Sun Oct 18 08:30:32 BST 2009

On Saturday 17 October 2009 22:08:19 Ingo Klöcker wrote:
> On Saturday 17 October 2009, Anne Wilson wrote:
> > On Saturday 17 October 2009 14:53:17 you wrote:
> > > Alas, the "Replied to", "Forwarded" and so on info it totally gone,
> > > it appears.
> >
> > In all but recent versions I believe they were stored separate to the
> > messages.  I read my mail from a local imap server, so you'd think
> > that I would be seeing the same thing, whether on the netbook, this
> > laptop, or the server box itself.  In fact I do see them all the same
> > now, but until recently I only saw the flags on the box where I had
> > set them.  I think this changed about a year ago.
> Nowadays, the flags are not only stored in the local index files, but
> they are also uploaded to the IMAP server. Obviously, this only helps
> with IMAP folders. With local folders (mbox/maildir) the flags are
> still only stored in the index files.
That makes sense.  Thanks for the clarification.  If the original mail is 
stored in a backup somewhere, presumably the relevant indexes are too.  
Maybe r.bartlett could copy those across to his new account.

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