[kdepim-users] IMAP broken

Art Alexion arthur at alexion.com
Thu Oct 15 03:58:00 BST 2009

On Wednesday 14 October 2009 18:08:46 Thomas Olsen wrote:
> On 13/10-2009 21:04 Art Alexion <art.alexion at verizon.net> wrote:
> > This machine runs Ubuntu Studio which is Gnome.  I installed kmail and
> > everything worked fine.
> >
> > A couple of weeks ago I installed KDE 4.3 just to test it out.  Since
> > then, IMAP on kmail stopped working.  The only other difference is
> > that I get an Akondai icon in the sys tray which I didn't have before.
> >
> > Any ideas what I might have broken?
> Sorry to mention the obvious but have you checked the settings in
> "Settings"=>"Configure KMail"=>"Accounts" to see if your IMAP account(s)
> is/are correct?

Nothing changed in the settings from when it worked with 4.2 and stopped with 
4.3.  I used to get the message occasionally, and then things worked.  Now the 
messages are constant and repeated. The message is "the process for 
imap://imap.gmail.com died unexpectedly"

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