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Christoph Kaulich kaulich at gns-mbh.com
Thu Feb 19 07:30:02 GMT 2009


I am using the same combination, egw 1.6 from svn and Kontact from 
KDE 4.2 (Fedora 10).

It works fine for me, but I had changed one file. I went back to 

egw_pear/HTTP/WebDAV/Server.php from svn revision 25468.

The later didn't work for either. 

Hope that helps, 


Am Mittwoch 18 Februar 2009 11:35:17 schrieb Jasper Aorangi:
> Good Day all,
>  I have unsuccessfully tried to get reliable calendar and addressbook
> function from eGroupware with kontact.
>  With egroupware from debian experimental, I had intermittent
> success using groupdav, with calendar entries being created, but on 
> sometimes they disappear, and if not they are duplicated. (as per the 
> outstanding bug I guess...)
>   A previous user claimed success, but how?
>  With more than one calendar and user, kontact simply duplicates the
> existing calendar entries, so it seems that only one groupdav calendar 
> possible at one time
>  groupdav address, have tried: http://<my 
>  and http://<my server>/egroupware/groupdav.php/calendar
> Same result (at the moment it is null, altogether nothing....)
> Adress book has never worked. There seems no option for offline cache
> either, is that because it is always cached, or always not.
> Is there any consistantly working setups, if so how?
> kontact from debian experimental: 4:4.2.0-1
> egroupware: and 1.7
> Thank you.

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