[kdepim-users] slate.com/rss liferea works, kontact-feeds DOES NOT

Paul Cartwright paul_tbot at pcartwright.com
Sat Feb 7 14:01:24 GMT 2009

On Sat February 7 2009, Ingo Klöcker wrote:
> I have just added slate.com/rss as feed to Akregator 1.2.9 (KDE 3.5.9)
> and it works fine. Since you are using KMail 1.9.9, I guess you are
> also still using KDE 3.5.9.
> Please try whether it works with Akregator (but I would be surprised
> because Kontact simply embeds Akregator). If it doesn't work with
> Akregator 1.2.9 for you then either your distribution broke it, or my
> distribution (openSUSE 11.0) fixed it, or there's a problem with your
> setup.

I have Akregator 1.2.9 and I killed kontact, opened up Akgregator, and tried 
to add slate.com/rss. It said feed doesn't exist.
ii  akregator                                               4:3.5.9-5    
in Akregator, slate feed doesn't exist, so  it is just like adding a new feed, 
and it won't.

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