[kdepim-users] Another way to setup GTD in KMail and a little bit more asked to dev team ; )

Arnaud Mombrial arnaud.mombrial at free.fr
Wed Feb 11 10:53:46 GMT 2009

Ehlo all @ kdepim users list !

I've recently setup my Kmail environment in order to reflect the basics of GTD 
pragma and in the hope it would be usefull to someone here, I'll let you share 
my experience ;)

As I'm in charge of all IT environment for 2 company (~80 experienced 
people), I do receive tons of emails (something about 9 Thousands ++ in 18 
months) mainly asking me to solve problems or build new services... 

Yeah, you all know this by heart : this new task I just received a minute ago 
has to be done for yesterday, ok boss, I'm already on it ;))

I've found that basKet is a really really really nice app to achieve this goal 
(Don't loose time but also don't {loose | miss} information), but since 
there's no integration in Kontact (at least until now in KDE 4.x), it has 
become too long (not time efficient) to "extract" a mail and transform it into 
something usable in basKet (even if i continue to use this app in my personnal 
life for a "lot" of things or when the incoming information is not an email.

Even tought, my main information managment tool should reside close to my 
mail, it's the less time consuming way of working (Still my 2 cents).

I'll will explain you here what I've done (It's not that long, be assured) to 
reflect GTD (My Setup is in French, so I hope, terms would be correct).

Basically, I've just created 5 new "Stamps" (Étiquettes in French) in KMail.
This task can be done easily in the "Message Stamp Tab" which can be access 
through the "Appearence" category of KMail Configuration page.

The Stamps are : 
 * Next Action (What has to be done really really soon)
 * Projects (Long term action)
 * References (Usable links or notes about Projects)
 * Someday (In the hope this could be achieved someday ;)
 * Waiting 4 (Tasks you've delegate to somebody else)

You'll notice here that I'm really close to what is proposed in basKet ;)

With this new stamps you can now flag the relevant incoming mails in a really 
efficient manner (In my opinion at least) and then going through your daily 
routine reviewing the "Next Action" Category often, the Project category less 
often, and so on...

And that's all, you're setup and can begin to work an new efficient way.

What have found to be missing until now, is that those new stamps can't be 
found in the Filter Configuration Page (Configuration → Filter Configuration).
My will was to automagically reply to the sender, telling him|her his demand 
has been taking in charge, each time I flagged with a "Next Action Stamp" an 
incoming email.

So I'm asking you @ dev team, if it's that link hard to establish as all the 
other Stamps do already appear (To Do, Important, as so on...) when you choose 
"Message state" in the "filter configuration page" ? 

As I'm not an experienced programmer, I've no idea such an implementation 
would be difficult or not to make.

Just a simple question in order to make Kontact rock harder !!

Thanks for reading.
Best Regards to u all.

Arnaud Mombrial
arnaud.mombrial at free.fr
K Environnment Fan

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