[kdepim-users] Another way to setup GTD in KMail and a little bit more asked to dev team ; )

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Wed Feb 11 22:23:42 GMT 2009

Olá Arnaud e a todos.

On Wednesday 11 February 2009 10:53:46 Arnaud Mombrial wrote:
> I've recently setup my Kmail environment in order to reflect the basics of GTD 
> pragma and in the hope it would be usefull to someone here, I'll let you share 
> my experience ;)

Great that you manage to get it working for you.
But for that amount of emails/requests you should be WAY better setting up a BTS, and have your own users setting the proper application (bug, request,etc) and then you would be left to do the triage (setting the importance and timeframe/milestone).
Using something like bugzilla or Trac (with email2trac plugin), or RT (if you want to keep it almost email based).
The advantage of using a BTS is that the info can be online for anyone with proper permissions to check the state (avoiding them to email/phone you asking), and easily transfering the task to someone else (aka your "Waiting 4" label).

One the downside, you (or some else who you could delegate this) would have to spend some time to do the install and initial setup for your needs, AND the worse part of this: convince users to use it, and teach them about how a BTS is supposed to work. Luckily if these users are all tech-experienced, initial contact with Trac or RT should be easy. Never the less, from my experience this would still need a few months until 90% use it regularity.

Of course you could/would still get the emails from the BTS to keep you organised but would now be required to interact a bit more with this web-based app.

If you wish more information, feel free to ask (on the list or privately to the email used on the reply-to header).
Good luck

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