[kdepim-users] Another way to setup GTD in KMail and a little bit more asked to dev team ; )

Ingo Klöcker kloecker at kde.org
Wed Feb 11 21:00:30 GMT 2009

On Wednesday 11 February 2009, Arnaud Mombrial wrote:
> Ehlo all @ kdepim users list !
> I've recently setup my Kmail environment in order to reflect the
> basics of GTD pragma and in the hope it would be usefull to someone
> here, I'll let you share my experience ;)
> As I'm in charge of all IT environment for 2 company (~80 experienced
> people), I do receive tons of emails (something about 9 Thousands ++
> in 18 months) mainly asking me to solve problems or build new
> services...
> Yeah, you all know this by heart : this new task I just received a
> minute ago has to be done for yesterday, ok boss, I'm already on it
> ;))
> I've found that basKet is a really really really nice app to achieve
> this goal (Don't loose time but also don't {loose | miss}
> information), but since there's no integration in Kontact (at least
> until now in KDE 4.x), it has become too long (not time efficient) to
> "extract" a mail and transform it into something usable in basKet
> (even if i continue to use this app in my personnal life for a "lot"
> of things or when the incoming information is not an email.
> Even tought, my main information managment tool should reside close
> to my mail, it's the less time consuming way of working (Still my 2
> cents).
> I'll will explain you here what I've done (It's not that long, be
> assured) to reflect GTD (My Setup is in French, so I hope, terms
> would be correct).
> Basically, I've just created 5 new "Stamps" (Étiquettes in French) in

They are called "labels" in English.

> KMail. This task can be done easily in the "Message Stamp Tab" which
> can be access through the "Appearence" category of KMail
> Configuration page.
> The Stamps are :
>  * Next Action (What has to be done really really soon)
>  * Projects (Long term action)
>  * References (Usable links or notes about Projects)
>  * Someday (In the hope this could be achieved someday ;)
>  * Waiting 4 (Tasks you've delegate to somebody else)
> You'll notice here that I'm really close to what is proposed in
> basKet ;)
> With this new stamps you can now flag the relevant incoming mails in
> a really efficient manner (In my opinion at least) and then going
> through your daily routine reviewing the "Next Action" Category
> often, the Project category less often, and so on...
> And that's all, you're setup and can begin to work an new efficient
> way.
> What have found to be missing until now, is that those new stamps
> can't be found in the Filter Configuration Page (Configuration →
> Filter Configuration). My will was to automagically reply to the
> sender, telling him|her his demand has been taking in charge, each
> time I flagged with a "Next Action Stamp" an incoming email.
> So I'm asking you @ dev team, if it's that link hard to establish as
> all the other Stamps do already appear (To Do, Important, as so
> on...) when you choose "Message state" in the "filter configuration
> page" ?

I don't understand how the availability of your labels in the filter 
configuration dialog would help. How do you expect the reply to be send 
automatically? By a filter?

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