[kdepim-users] distribution lists in KMail Address Book

Ingo Klöcker kloecker at kde.org
Mon Aug 3 19:39:07 BST 2009

On Sunday 02 August 2009, Louis Hinman wrote:
> I am running KDE 3.5 on Slackware Linux 12.2, KMail Revision 1.7
>  (2004-07-13)

Hmm. KDE 3.5 included KMail 1.9.

>  I find that I can't create a distribution list in the KMail Address
> Book.
>  The interface for building the list from the Address Book seems to
> work fine (and is a pleasure to use) but when I close the Address
> Book and reopen it, the distribution list has disappeared (or else
> just the last addresses that I added).

When you say "Address Book" do you mean "Address Book Browser - 
KAddressBook" (it can be started via the Tools menu in KMail)?

> This looks like a bug to me, but  being new to KDE, I don't want to
> be too quick to say that.  Could I be doing something wrong?  Has
> anyone else had this problem?

If you are using KAddressBook then please check whether 
the "Distribution Lists" pane is shown. If it is not shown, then you 
can make it visible via the View menu.

If this doesn't help then you might want to make a screenshot to explain 
the problem. Please note that the screenshot should not be too large 
because this mailing list does not allow large attachments (> 40 KB). 
Reducing the number of colors in the screenshot to 16 colors (without 
dithering) and saving the screenshot as PNG should help reducing the 
size of the screenshot.

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