[kdepim-users] Improving the "Search" feature in Kmail?

r bartlett techwritebos at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 12 16:28:42 BST 2009


I'm wondering if there's anything I can do at the user end to make the
search feature more usable.  I'm currently running Fedora 8 with Kmail
1.9.10.  I'm not sure if these are problems due to something I'm doing wrong or problems that would have to be fixed in an update:

1.  There's a long delay after I type in a few letters
into the search field...often causing Kmail to hang.  If I wait, often
minutes, it will eventually recover...but this seems problematic.  I have 40,000 messages so obviously, that's a lot, but still...it seems awfully slow.  It seems to start searching as soon as one types, too, and it might be faster and more resource friendly if one could type the whole phrase or word in first, then click "Search."  There are a lot of matches for "An" but very few for "Anjali" and even fewer for "Anjali at abcexample.com" and having it iterate first through everything with "An," then "Anj" "Anja" and so on seems strange.

Can I possibly set the search to include both the Contact list
formatted name and the actual email?  For example, if I've set abc at yahoo.com to "Bob Bozo" in my Contact list, the "Receiver name" shows up as "Bob
Bozo" from then on and that's all that will be usable in the search.  If I then want to pull up all of Bob's emails to
me and look through them, if I type "abc at yahoo.com"
I'll only get the ones that were written before I made Bob's contact
card.  It would be nice to be able to type "abc at yahoo" and get both the
pre- and the post- card emails.  It would be nice to have an easy way to get all the emails sent from a certain address, whether they were part of a contact card or not...no matter what the names used were.

3.  Having a pulldown bar
similar to the one in the Filters section enabling one to "Search in
all headers" or "Search in From:" or so on would be great.

It would be massively helpful to have a way to search within the email
bodies themselves without pulling up the actual message first.  With 40,000 emails in one folder, trying to find, say "Invoice 687" is tricky if it's only referred
to in the body of an email and I don't remember the person who sent me
the mail.  Can I do this perhaps with a command line directed at the Kmail folder?  (I'm thinking "cat" and "grep"?)  

Not sure if any of these are possible right now but if
I'm just not doing something properly any suggestions would be great. 
Thank you.


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