[kdepim-users] KMail problem or configuration problem?

Ingo Klöcker kloecker at kde.org
Sun Sep 14 17:29:14 BST 2008

On Sunday 14 September 2008, brian wrote:
> All right, we have a solution to this problem of S-L-O-W KMail
> responses, if not an explanation.
> The bottom line is that it seems that KMail *IS* somehow concerning
> itself with the number of (sub-)folders that have been created. I
> didn't realise I had anything like as many, but I'd tried importing
> some mail archives from other mailers, and one of the import
> processes must have gone wrong big time - I had one tree with an
> ENORMOUS number of subfolders in it. Not having expanded that tree, I
> had no idea of their existence.
> And no, I didn't count them, but a guesstimate must be in excess of
> 2,500. I deleted that whole sub-tree, and all of a sudden, KMail's
> response time is back to what you would expect for popping up a
> context menu.
> As I said (and Ingo agreed, more importantly!) below, it is very
> difficult to see WHY KMail should concern itself with the size of the
> folder structure when all it's being asked to do is to bring up a
> context menu, but the evidence seems fairly convincing that that's
> exactly what it does. Give yourself an enormous number of folders,
> and the performance will go through the floor.
> As a final check, I switched back to my original KMail data, now
> copied to another drive. Yep, go back to that mail structure with the
> enormous sub-tree, and the response times went right through the
> floor again. It HAS to be something to do with the size of the folder
> tree.

Thanks for tracking down the cause of the problem. KMail being slow when 
opening the context menu could be related to the Move/Copy option in 
the message context menu. For those two options submenus containing the 
whole folder tree are generated. It is very likely that the creation of 
the submenus is at least partially responsible for the slow opening of 
the context menu.

The folder context menu contains a similar option having submenus 
containing the whole folder tree.

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