[kdepim-users] Thread & Replyto conflicts

Anne Wilson cannewilson at googlemail.com
Fri Sep 26 19:19:47 BST 2008

On Friday 26 September 2008 13:20:22 Jurian Sluiman wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> This is a problem which occurs for me very often. Kmail as well as
> Evolution determine the thread by only the messag- id. This is for tech
> people very realistic, because you don't want create a new thread by
> replying on a threaded message.
> This is different for, let's say, "normal" people (in this case, I'm also
> not normal ;) ). 

In my experience, most "normal" people see the sense in correct handling of 
threads, once it's explained to them.

> I have many friends which create a new email to a group of
> persons, just by replying on an older thread and changing the subject. This
> is not the expected way for Kmail.

This is not a matter of expectation.  A thread is a thread, no matter how you 
look at it.  Have you ever tried to follow a thread in an archive, only to 
find that it splits, and there are some answers to the original thread and 
some answers to something completely different?  It's impossible to make sense 
of it.  Threads are meant to be followed linearly, and splitting them like 
that makes it impossible.

> E.g. Gmail handles these emails correctly, but Kmail not.

Sorry, you are wrong.  I don't know how Gmail handles it, but KMail handles it 
correctly, as do most other mail applications.

> I think it's a
> very good idea to make an option to determine new threads by both thread id
> and the subject of the mail.
You can click on the Subject header, which will arrange by subject, but it 
won't split the thread.  I'm sorry, but if you roast a loaf of bread instead 
of a joint of beef you will not get a correct Sunday dinner.

> I can already predict some users say I have to teach all my friend to
> handle email correctly, but this is not the desired option. 

Only you can decide that.

> So please
> change this behaviour.
Why should we, the people who respect the rules of logic, suffer because you 
don't want to abide by them?  Sorry, but what you ask is totally unreasonable.

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