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Art Alexion art.alexion at verizon.net
Thu Sep 18 19:34:46 BST 2008

On Wednesday 17 September 2008 6:42:27 pm Andre Auger wrote:
> Can't even find "/dev/pilot" in my files...
> ... Andre
> As an addendum: I have read all the forums on which this issue has been
> raised; various people have partial suggestions, none of which work. I have
> sent my machine AND my Palm to an ASUS-certified technician, and even he
> couldn't get the sync to work. I have read that some have moved to j pilot
> out of frustration. But that won't work, as all my material is on KDE. I
> was even told that the issue will NEVER get resolved because there is not
> the corporate will to do so, since Palm is on the out. Not a good enough
> answer for me. We need someone who takes the issue seriously and works out
> a detailed instruction on how to perform a hot sync reliably.

If you can, open a terminal.  On the eee Xandros, I think its ctrl+alt+t.  
connect your treo.  hit hotsync.  type dmesg in the terminal.  look for where 
the treo is being detected.  It may be detected as a visor or other palm 
device.  If it isn't being detected, try typing "sudo modprobe visor".   That 
command adds the module to the kernel so that the kernel can see your treo.  
Once you determine where dmesg is finding your treo, you have to configure 
kpilot to use that device.  Should be something like /dev/ttyUSB1.  If it is 
being seen on even and odd USB ports, use the odd numbered one.

I wrote this without having used the terminal in an eee (we just got one 
today), and with the assumption that you were familiar with all of this,  If 
you need more details, feel free to post again.
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