[kdepim-users] kontact calendar error information in ubuntu gnome

Ingo Klöcker kloecker at kde.org
Sun Sep 21 20:51:03 BST 2008

On Friday 19 September 2008, Fang Zhaoyuan wrote:
> I am using kontact in the ubuntu, with the "calendar in local
> directory" mode. I found it sometimes did not save the new items
> added to the calendar but it became OK after quit and re-run kontact.
> It is not always a big problem, but it indeed bother me a lot when
> frequently finding items added to the calendar the last time are
> lost(not saved) completely.
> To find messages that may help, I run kontact in the terminal, and it
> returned such information:
> "
> kdecore (KAction): WARNING: KAction::plugAccel(): call to deprecated
> action.
> kdecore (KAction): WARNING: KAction::plugAccel(): call to deprecated
> action.

Those messages are harmless.

> ...  
> john at swift:~$ WeaverThreadLogger: thread (ID: 1) suspended.
> WeaverThreadLogger: thread (ID: 2) suspended.
> WeaverThreadLogger: thread (ID: 3) suspended.
> WeaverThreadLogger: thread (ID: 4) suspended.

Those messages are also completely harmless.

> QGDict::hashKeyString: Invalid null key
> QGDict::hashKeyString: Invalid null key

I don't know whether those messages might be related to the problems you 
are experiencing. Do those messages always occur or do they only occur 
when you are experiencing the problem?

> ...
> "
> Can anyone understand the informaiton and help with my problem?

Unfortunately, at this point I cannot help you with your problem.

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