[kdepim-users] korganizer 4.1 timezone problem

Thomas Winteler info at win-soft.ch
Mon Sep 8 09:52:59 BST 2008

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Is there no tool to fix the kde3 std.ics to use it in kde4?

There should be one, cause i don't think tha i'm the only one who use


David Jarvie wrote:
> On Monday 8 September 2008 8:01, Thomas Winteler - Win-Soft, Service for X
> wrote:
>> Hello
>> I have a Problem with my std.ics file and korganizer 4.1.0 from kde 4.1.1.
>> I have imported my std.ics from korganizer 3.5.9 (kde 3.5.10).
>> I'm in europe/zurich timezone.
>> The event view shows correct date and times. But if i edit an event, i
>> get UTC timezone, also the Mouseover effect shows UTC tz.
>> The ics time entries are like this:
>> DTSTART:20080926T170000Z
>> DTEND:20080926T200000Z
>> That are UTC timestamps. I think in the calendar view, they should be
>> changed in my own timezone.
>> By the was, if i create a new event, all is ok and the correct tz is used.
>> Any idea why that happeds and how to fix it?
> The reason is that in KDE 3 time zones weren't handled properly and all
> times were stored as UTC, the necessary conversion to the user's time zone
> being done in the user interface. In KDE 4, time zones are stored
> correctly in the calendar, and are displayed just as they are stored.
> Presumably there isn't any conversion done when a KDE 3 calendar is read
> by the KDE 4 KOrganizer, so times now show as UTC.
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