[kdepim-users] Thread & Replyto conflicts

Ingo Klöcker kloecker at kde.org
Fri Sep 26 20:02:40 BST 2008

On Thursday 25 September 2008, David Southwell wrote:
> Hi
> When I receive an email from a third party if the sender opens up a
> previous email and replies and his agent includes and Inreplyto
> header then kmail p;laces the incoming mail into the thread of the
> original correspondence even if the sender has put an entirely
> different subject line.
> How can I force that email to be stored as a new thread?

Create a filter with the following settings.
On the General tab:
- Leave the Filter Criteria empty.
- Add two Filter Actions:
  [Remove Header] "In-Reply-To"
  [Remove Header] "References"
On the Advanced tab:
- Uncheck all options except for "Add this filter to the Apply Filter 
menu". Optionally, assign a shortcut to this filter and/or add it to 
the toolbar.

Last but not least, give the filter a nice name. I've called it "Remove 
In-Reply-To header".

Now, whenever you want to break a thread simply apply this filter
- either via Apply Filter->Filter "Remove In-Reply-To header" in the 
Message menu or the context menu of the message
- or via the shortcut (in case you did assign one)
- or via the toolbar button (in case you did add one)

In theory this works perfectly. Unfortunately, in practice it does not 
work as expected with (online) IMAP folders because KMail caches the 
In-Reply-To and the References header for IMAP messages and does not 
notice that they have been removed.

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