[kdepim-users] Tungsten E2 Sync: duplicated or deleted events

Fabian Holler F.Holler at h3c.de
Fri Sep 26 14:07:18 BST 2008


I have problems to Sync my Palm Tungsten E2 with Kontact/Kpilot.

The initial "copy Pc to handheld" sync is successfull, but the following sync 
makes problems.
- If if make an hotsync, 99% of my events are removed from my calendar (in 
korganzier & on the pam).
- If i make an fullsync all entrys are duplicated.

Has anbody an idea how I could fix this, to proper Sync Kontact and my PDA?  
What could be wrong? Is this an known problem? 
According to the Kpilot Website there are people who get correct Syncs with 

I tried Kpilot version 4.9.4-3510 (on Debian lenny) and ver. 4.9.3-359(on 

thanks &
best regards

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