[kdepim-users] Thread & Replyto conflicts

Pastor JW pastor_jw at the-inner-circle.org
Fri Sep 26 19:46:31 BST 2008

Op Friday 26 September 2008 schreef "(``-_-ยดยด) -- Fernando"
> > On Thursday 25 September 2008 12:50:55 David Southwell wrote:
> > > How can I force that email to be stored as a new thread?
> >
> > Compose a new email for that address.
> > Any thing else will contain references to previous emails, as expected.

Of course it is rather simple to make a new thread but still you won't get 
people to grasp the concept at all.  The reason is that some do NOT use 
threading so have know idea why they can't just hit the reply button.  They 
mistakenly think that hitting the reply button insures getting the list 
address correct which of course it does but are oblivious to the damage they 
do to the conversation they used as a "in" to the list as they of 
course "changed the subject".  "Why can't someone create a simple 50 meg 
program to correct this fault", they think.  The answer is, "because it would 
be another bloated 50 meg program"!!  We have too many of those already!  
Actually, because bloat doesn't matter to this kind of person, you will also 
see them usually top post a three - four word quip leaving a quoted 20 pages 
of old stuff still in the message, which of course had nothing to do with the 
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