[kdepim-users] Kontact: Filtering to-dos in Summary / To-do view

homoludens homoludens1000 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 9 09:41:18 BST 2008

Hi everyone,

a couple of questions regarding the filtering of tasks 
(i.e. to-do's) in Kontact:

(1) What is the sorting algorithm for tasks in the 
summary view? What fields are considered, and in what 

(2) Is there ANY way to filter tasks in the summar 
view, especially based on priority and/or category 
(apart from the 'Show today's to-dos only' field, 
which I don't find that useful)?
Perhaps there is a plugin to achieve this, or a hack, 
or something?

(3) A similar question for the to-do list in the to-do 
view and in the calendar view: Any way to filter for 
priorities? (The view filters are actually pretty good 
and I can live with them, but if there were a way to 
filter out certain priorities too, I'd be thrilled!)

(4) Can I change the font size for the to-do sidebar 
field in the calendar view?


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