[kdepim-users] kmail - sender's encoding

Stan Goodman stan.goodman at hashkedim.com
Fri Jul 11 19:05:53 BST 2008

At 15:48:44 on Friday Friday 11 July 2008, Γιώργος Μιχαλογιωργάκης 
<giorgis.m at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
>   I am have a small problem with kmail 1.9.9 on KDE 3.5.9 using Debian
> Sid. The sender's name is not shown properly when the encoding is
> declared in the first few letters.  For example my name
>  Γιώργος Μιχαλογιωργάκης
> shows up as
> "=?UTF-8?B?zpPOuc+Oz4HOs86/z4IgzpzOuc+HzrHOu86/zrPOuc+Jz4HOs86szrrOt8+C
> There is no problem with the subject or the body of the message.  Any
> ideas ?

I see the "Sender" correctly in kmail 1.9.6 under kde 3.5.7 (release 
729) -- openSuSE v10.3.

Stan Goodman
Qiryat Tiv'on
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