[kdepim-users] Kontact: Filtering to-dos in Summary / To-do view

homoludens homoludens1000 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 10 14:44:07 BST 2008


thanks for the reply.

> homoludens wrote:
> > (1) What is the sorting algorithm for tasks in the
> > summary view? What fields are considered, and in
> > what order?
> I'm not sure about what you call "summary view"
> since I work with a localized versions but I think
> you mean the view indicating "what's next" that can
> be displayed with the red "!" icon in korganizer (I
> don't use kontact per se besides).

The "Summary View" I was referring to is the first 
entry in the sidebar (followed 
by "E-Mail" - "Contacts" - "Calendar" etc.) I prefer 
it over the "What's Next" view, which you mentioned, 
because the Summary View also displays emails 
received, recent RSS etc. 
But it's good to learn more about the What's Next view 
as well! :-)

> > (2) Is there ANY way to filter tasks in the summar
> > view, especially based on priority and/or category
> > (apart from the 'Show today's to-dos only' field,
> > which I don't find that useful)?
> > Perhaps there is a plugin to achieve this, or a
> > hack, or something?
> Filters work for the view too.

Thanks, yes, that's pretty useful.
I would be good, though, if one could filter for 
priorities as well. Is there no way to achieve this?

Generally speaking, it would be nice to have a few more 
customization options (customizing the sorting 
algorithm for the Summary View and the What's Next 
view are other examples).
Is there any work being done in that direction 

What is the current state of KOrganizer anyway? I've 
been trying to find information online, but things 
seem to be rather quiet ... 


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