[kdepim-users] Kontact: Filtering to-dos in Summary / To-do view

phep phep-lists at teletopie.net
Thu Jul 10 15:36:00 BST 2008


homoludens wrote:
> The "Summary View" I was referring to is the first 
> entry in the sidebar (followed 

I just had a quick look right now on Kontact and I saw the "summary"
view you are talking about. While it is true that it mashes up much more
components, as you noticed, it seems to be less usable than the
korganizer "what's next" view since the sorting order is quite erratic
(I mean I could not decipher it ;-)).

I realize I did not explicited the sorting order of "what's next": items
that have deadlines are sorted by their due date (and time !), others
(in the example I gave, priority 1 items) are sorted alphabetically.

> I would be good, though, if one could filter for 
> priorities as well. Is there no way to achieve this?

None I know of :-( I'd really like too to have a filter that displays
only (over)due items for the selected timespan and this or that category.

> What is the current state of KOrganizer anyway? I've 
> been trying to find information online, but things 
> seem to be rather quiet ... 

I am not in any way engaged in kdepim development (just an avid user,
:-)) but I guess as far as those korganizer's modules we're talking
about are concerned developer's are mainly focusing on the Akonadi
integration. This probably mean that we'll have to wait some time before
to have new and noticeable "user-side" features.


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