[kdepim-users] Kmail stops delivering mail after a period of time (Ingo Kl?cker)

r bartlett techwritebos at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 28 15:50:14 GMT 2008

Ingo Kl?cker wrote:
>Unnecessarily keeping a machine (computer, TV, etc.) running or in 
>stand-by just to save you the couple of minutes you'd have to wait for 
>the machine to boot is a disservice to your children and your 
>children's children.

I appreciate the need to save energy as much as, 
or more than, many other home users.  And if one 
views a computer as a kids toy for family fun and 
can't imagine the option that it might have any 
websites, blogs, FTP servers, or any number of 
other vital applications hosted on it, then sure, 
turning it off every night is a grand solution.  
Or maybe you think it's just giant corporations who 
should be allowed the luxury of keeping a website 
running 24/7, along with their lights and heat and 
so on? Actually, lets put energy conservation suggestions 
on a different thread and in the meantime try to figure 
out what's wrong with the software...instead of jumping 
to myopic assumptions about users' needs or their energy 
use habits.

Software should just work, period, and any professional 
knows that it wouldn't look very good to have a website 
down for 6-8 hours every day.  And it shouldn't be too 
much to ask that if I run an email client, it regularly 
and consistently checks email whether the computer is on 
for a few hours or a few months at a time.  Right?

In addition, this problem seems to sometimes occur within 
several hours of starting up Kontact or Kmail, so I don't 
think turning off the computer would solve the issue.  It 
would surely save some energy, but I'm doing more than my 
part in plenty of other ways, and the Chihuahua yipping 
would be better directed at giant companies, who waste more 
energy in one night than I will in a decade.

In the meantime, I appreciate any and all useful and 
thoughtful responses, and would particularly appreciate tips
regarding how to troubleshoot.  Part of the difficulty is the
apparent randomness with which this problem appears. I am 
trying to figure out if this is perhaps related to having 
the screensaver/power management on.  (How ironic it would be if the only solution was to 
disable the power saving tools, tools which I immediately 
configure so as to ensure that my energy footprint is as 
minimal as possible while still accomplishing my personal 
and professional goals!)

Best, and thanks for any and all help...


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