[kdepim-users] Note taking / list managing application > that syncs with Palm?

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> Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2008 22:04:38 -0800
> From: Cam Ellison <cam at ellisonpsychology.ca>
> Subject: Re: [kdepim-users] Note taking / list managing application
> 	that	syncs with Palm?
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> On Sunday 27 January 2008 18:15:48 homo ludens wrote:
> > Does anyone know of a good note taking / list managing application
> > that works with Kontact and syncs with a Palm PDA?
> >
> > For some unknown reason, note taking / outlining applications seems
> > rather sparse under Linux anyway, and Knotes is just too plain to be
> > useful.
> Have you considered adapting your processes to the Journal option in
> KOrganizer?  It certainly seems to work for keeping notes, though I
> have not explored it to any great extent.
> Cheers
> Cam

in fact i love the journal, it's a great feature. but it doesn't sync with a 
palm pda, does it?

someone else pointed me to the plain text synchronization feature of kpilot. 
it's actually nifty, but not quiet along the lines of what i am looking for. 
perhaps i should elaborate more:

under windows, i've been using Natara's Bonsai 
(http://www.natara.com/Bonsai/), which is a 
very nifty list manager / outliner that includes both a Palm as well as a 
Windows desktop application, and that syncs very nicely. I suppose I'm 
looking for something similar to this, that is: a hierarchical structure; 
complex filtering (by priority, categories, dates, etc.), coloring schemes 
for tasks (again, by priority, etc. etc.), and keywords for additional 

One of the few applications that I've come across and that seems close enought 
is Shadowplan (www.codejedi.com). It's payware, although there is an (early, 
outdated) freeware linux version. However, if possible I'd like 
something that subscribes to open-source philosophy ...


homo ludens

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