[kdepim-users] Kmail stops delivering mail after a period of time (Ingo Kl?cker)

Ingo Klöcker kloecker at kde.org
Tue Jan 29 01:03:08 GMT 2008

On Monday 28 January 2008, r bartlett wrote:
> Ingo Kl?cker wrote:
> >Unnecessarily keeping a machine (computer, TV, etc.) running or in
> >stand-by just to save you the couple of minutes you'd have to wait
> > for the machine to boot is a disservice to your children and your
> > children's children.
> I appreciate the need to save energy as much as,
> or more than, many other home users.  And if one
> views a computer as a kids toy for family fun and
> can't imagine the option that it might have any
> websites, blogs, FTP servers, or any number of
> other vital applications hosted on it, then sure,
> turning it off every night is a grand solution.
> Or maybe you think it's just giant corporations who
> should be allowed the luxury of keeping a website
> running 24/7, along with their lights and heat and
> so on?

I wrote "Unnecessarily [...]". If you have good reasons to keep your 
computer running 24/7, that's fine with me.

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