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Massimo Stella maxstar at tin.it
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Hi Pierce,
The mailing list is a good place where contact the Kdenlive community.
If you want to have real-time answers and more info about Kdenlive you can join our channel on Telegram: https://t.me/kdenlive
The issues you can find with the playback are in MLT which is the framework we are using to build Kdenlive.
MLT is used by Shotcut too. If you download it you'll see that the 2 don't behave too differently on this side.
What I know is that the playback is strongly influenced by the codec you are using. I've found similar issues in all major application like Premiere for eg.
This is why several professional video editing applications convert and conform all the assets by using the best format for a smooth playback (Avid for eg)
So the playback is influenced by:
The codec you are using in the clip
The power of the computer you are working on
The project settings

For eg: if you put an audio-only clip in the timeline as soon as you play the J the reverse playback start at maximum speed. This happens because Kdenlive has not to generate the B missing frames of the MPEG GOP stream.
This is why, for smoother playback, is always suggested to convert clips in proxy (if the clip are very big, eg: 4K) or in some format which fit better the editing like an MPEG I frames-only such as the DNxHD available in the transcode options (right-click on the clip in the Project bin)

I hope this answer can help you.


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Ogg: Problem With the use of Kdenlive

-->Hi! I may not be at the perfect e-mail to ask this question, but can you refer me to a support member of Kdenlive. The only little reason is that in my timeline when I go backward mode, “J” key, it won’t go in normal speed, it goes 10 minutes fast rightback to the start. Is there a way in the setting that could disable this setup. But as I said it’s the only problem I went through with Kdenlive. 

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