R: Audio 3-4 frames out of sync in timeline

Massimo Stella maxstar at tin.it
Thu May 21 13:11:35 BST 2020

Hi Vincent,
I'm glad you tried out Flowblade and Shotcut, because all these applications, Kdenlive included, are developed on top of a framework called MLT: https://www.mltframework.org/
The developer of Shotcut is actually the same person who is developing MLT and in general, if something doesn't work in it there are big chances that it is not working in Kdenlive too, even if we try to always look for possible workarounds.
My suggestions are:
report the bug to Kdenlive  https://kdenlive.org/en/bug-reports/
and to other applications bug report system.
stay connected with the Kdenlive community on Telegram https://t.me/kdenlive
Thanks for your support.


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Da: vincent at hitcom.nl

Data: 20-mag-2020 22.52

A: "kdenlive"<kdenlive at kde.org>

Ogg: Audio 3-4 frames out of sync in timeline

Hi everyone,
Whenever I playback video with audio in the timeline, the audio
      lags behind. To test this, I created a beep sound and a white
      color slide (both with a duration of 2 frames) and put them on the
      same spot in the timeline. All the other videos I edit have a
      fixed framerate but have the same problem.

When I render the video, the sound is in sync. Only preview
      playback in Kdenlive lags. On a sidenote: Flowblade and Shotcut
      have the same issue. Has anybody experienced this? And were you
      able to fix it? I used a scaled down (360px) project monitor for
      smooth playback.

    kind regards,

    Vincent Groeneveld


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