Bad practices from competitors

Camille Moulin camille.moulin at
Sat May 16 09:35:16 BST 2020

Hi Narcis,

On 16/05/2020 08:40, Narcis Garcia wrote:
> Software packages repositories are useful to guarantee sources and
> binaries for most of users.
> Knomo is reporting a consequence of "click to download" strategy
> (appimage, exe...)
> Best distribution projects provide (for example) APT repository to users
> are up-to-date + have secure files origins.

Yes package repos are great, but they come with two inconveniences in
the context of GNU/Linux distributions :

-  There is many (or at least several) major GNU/Linux distributions to
package for ; it would be great to better work with downstream
packagers: if you have time to help on this front, it would brilliant.

- Kdenlive has heavy dependencies on other projects : like MLT and Qt.
Regarding MLT, it is already packaged in the PPAs 
( thank you Vincent :-) ) ; but packaging
Qt is a tremendous work and a too recent version would risk breaking
other applications in the user's system.

That's why many "isolated" package systems have appeared in the last
years (snap, appimage, flatpack, etc.).



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