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Narcis Garcia informatica at
Sat May 16 10:10:13 BST 2020

Thank you Camille,

Narcis Garcia
El 16/5/20 a les 10:35, Camille Moulin ha escrit:
> Yes package repos are great, but they come with two inconveniences in
> the context of GNU/Linux distributions :

Most of applications face similar inconveniences for GNU distributions,
and they mostly do the following about these ones:

> -  There is many (or at least several) major GNU/Linux distributions to
> package for ; it would be great to better work with downstream
> packagers: if you have time to help on this front, it would brilliant.

Package for more root families, such as Ubuntu instead of Mint, Debian
instead of Ubuntu. Same on Red Hat instead of CentOS or Fedora. This
way, a project can deploy repositories for 1 or 2 distros with
consistent and compatible dependencies of basic/LTS distro versions.

> - Kdenlive has heavy dependencies on other projects : like MLT and Qt.
> Regarding MLT, it is already packaged in the PPAs 
> ( thank you Vincent :-) ) ; but packaging
> Qt is a tremendous work and a too recent version would risk breaking
> other applications in the user's system.

Develop and package with better LTS~like dependencies instead of
requiring too specific MLT/Qt versions. This also allows:
1. Package only project's software instead of distributing MLT/Qt,
because last ones are already well distributed with OS repositories.
2. Analyze bugs only in the software component responsible of the bug,
because it's localized on different files. Better trust dependencies
3. Less monolithic and more flexible software context for other system
administrators and developers.

> That's why many "isolated" package systems have appeared in the last
> years (snap, appimage, flatpack, etc.).

This isolation walks contrary to systems integration and administration
tasks and automation, and isolates from package managers as a trusted
"stores" where get apps from.

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