subtitles: don't hardcode into video / remove alltogether?

Eugen Mohr eugen.mohr at
Wed Dec 30 17:03:30 GMT 2020

Hello Patrick

Thank you for the feedback.

Point 1: Some documentation is here:

Point 2: Shift+left-mouse you can select as many subtitle as you like.
CTRL+A for selecting all subtitles is not possible at the moment.

Point 3: Probably with 20.12.1 you can view/un-view and lock the
subtitle track. When un-viewed the subtitles are not rendered out. You
can test this function with the daily build (see the download page).


Am 30.12.2020 um 17:33 schrieb Patrick Totzke:
> Hi!
> Thanks for kdenlive, it's a great asset for preparing educational videos!
> I just tried the new subtitles editor and have questions:
> 1. is there online documentation that I've overlooked?
> 2. once I've added/imported subtitles, can I remove them again all at once, without selecting and deleting all boxes individually?
> 3. How do I prevent subtitles from being hard-coded into the video? I would like to edit them and have a separate srt file.
> I know that I can export and thus create this file, but I wasn't able to tell kdenlive not to hardcode captions. Did I overlook something?
> Cheers!
> P
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