subtitles: don't hardcode into video / remove alltogether?

Narcis Garcia debianlists at
Wed Dec 30 17:14:39 GMT 2020

A good feature for the feature: Treat subtitle tracks as any other track
in timeline (T1, T2,...), and also when rendering to file containers
that support (multiple) subtitles tracks.

Narcis Garcia

I'm using this dedicated address because personal addresses aren't
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should fix this against automated addresses collectors.
El 30/12/20 a les 18:03, Eugen Mohr ha escrit:
> Hello Patrick
> Thank you for the feedback.
> Point 1: Some documentation is here:
> <>
> Point 2: Shift+left-mouse you can select as many subtitle as you like.
> CTRL+A for selecting all subtitles is not possible at the moment.
> Point 3: Probably with 20.12.1 you can view/un-view and lock the
> subtitle track. When un-viewed the subtitles are not rendered out. You
> can test this function with the daily build (see the download page).
> Eugen
> Am 30.12.2020 um 17:33 schrieb Patrick Totzke:
>> Hi!
>> Thanks for kdenlive, it's a great asset for preparing educational videos!
>> I just tried the new subtitles editor and have questions:
>> 1. is there online documentation that I've overlooked?
>> 2. once I've added/imported subtitles, can I remove them again all at once, without selecting and deleting all boxes individually?
>> 3. How do I prevent subtitles from being hard-coded into the video? I would like to edit them and have a separate srt file.
>> I know that I can export and thus create this file, but I wasn't able to tell kdenlive not to hardcode captions. Did I overlook something?
>> Cheers!
>> P

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