Crash report with AppImage

Cornelius cphbooming2000 at
Mon May 28 18:41:38 UTC 2018

Hi Farid,

this was a good idea. Ok, so what I did was to frame with the 
rotoscoping effect. Then tried to playback and see what it looks like. 
Then it crashed. What is happening now is that when I open the project 
it works, I also can watch the clip, but when I click on the video with 
the rotoscoping effect it crashes. The command promt showed me this:

"/tmp/.mount_fq8saE/AppRun: Zeile 56: 31696 Speicherzugriffsfehler 
(Speicherabzug geschrieben) kdenlive --config kdenlive-appimagerc $@"

translated to english I guess it would look something like that

/tmp/.mount_fq8saE/AppRun: Line 56: 31696 segmentation fault  (core 
image written) kdenlive --config kdenlive-appimagerc $@

I uploaded the xml from my project to pastebin:
If you need to see it, I can also upload the file I wanted to edit.

Am 28.05.2018 um 19:28 schrieb farid abdelnour:
> Hi Cornelius
> 2018-05-28 14:05 GMT-03:00 Cornelius <cphbooming2000 at 
> <mailto:cphbooming2000 at>>:
>     Hello,
>     First of all, I LOVE your work, thank you!
>     Kdenlive crashed reproducibly in version 18.04.1 using the
>     AppImage on Ubuntu 16.04 when trying to playback a video with the
>     rotoscoping effect. So I went to the website and read how to do a
>     bug report (
>     <>), installed the packages
>     and because I could not use the repo version of Ubuntu I started
>     it with "gdb Kdenlive.AppImage run" (Kdenlive is in ~/bin), gdb
>     told me that it found nothing, therefore Kdenlive did not start.
>     Is there a way to report a bug with backtrace using the AppImage
>     or should I just go ahead and compile it myself?
> You can try running it from the terminal and see if it gives a message 
> when it crashes.
> Also I just did a test and didn't get a crash on archlinux with the 
> appimage. Can you explain step by step what you are doing when you get 
> the crash to try to reproduce it?
>     greetings,
> cheers
>     Cornelius
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