Pabricator, Cafe and random ideas

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Mon Oct 2 14:25:26 UTC 2017


On top of that, is it worth it at this point? After digging a little,
too many items are missing and im sure developers know about them

Just to name a few:
- dragging a small clip on the track hides what the clip looks like
when the clip is short. Maybe add some transparency to the clip? or
just move them around so they dont hide each o ther
- copy/paste not working
- unclutter the ui: dont show leading zeroes 00:00:01.2 and separete
the frame notation with a dot. change the color of the marks that have
a number
- favourites effects dont work, nor you can drag them
- make the sound tracks show bigger waves. Allow to toogle them in the
video (if you are not going to separete them)
- search in effects tab disappear
- effects dont have description on the tooltip
- if the window is small, description fixed screen room cant be
resized and takes precedence to the list of effects since it has a
- clip/project monitor zoom could use a 100% button
- timeline "fit zoom to project" doesnt work
- lenth of the project? where is defined. colored tracks go up to 10'
instead of using the last clip on track as size of the project
- no favorites for effects
- smb doesnt work on effects
- effects: No transform? position and zoom? no rotate

Is it worth it to keep looking for more?

On Mon, Oct 2, 2017 at 4:16 PM, harald.albrecht <harald.albrecht at> wrote:
> As for separate phab tasks I recommend to hear the devs on this. I see pros
> and cons for both a summary task as well as individual tasks. Personally,
> from previous work I got the impression that summary tasks auickly tend to
> get "everything plus a kitchen sink", making it at least difficult to track
> individual items, as everyone dumps everything into them. It's then
> difficult to close finished tasks.
> Best regards,
> Harald
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> Hi !
> 2017-10-02 15:00 GMT+02:00 alberto fuentes <pajaro at>:
>> I was preparing an email to discuss a effects/keyframing/tracks
>> workflow, then realized I hadnt try the new refactoring branch yet,
>> and gave it a try to build on whatever is already being worked at
>> I just compiled a timeline_refactoring and noticed a few bugs/big
>> things missing, like copy/paste clips. Im trying to figure out
>> phabricator. Should I create a task per bug under 17.12 bugs task? Are
>> this kind of things just known? (I mean, no copy/paste)
> This is known, but it is nice to have a tracking of the things that remains
> to be reimplemented.
> For this, one task for each feature might be too much, you can create a task
> "Missing Features" under the appropriate category (bin, timeline, ...)
>> What kind of things are going to be discussed at the cafe? what should
>> I prepare? I had a few things to do today, but making kdenlive better
>> seems an interesting thing to spend the day :)
> We'll discuss various thing, but the refactoring is probably going to be one
> topic.
> Feel free to attend if you have ideas to share :)
>> Thanks for reading!
>> PS: One question, I dont intend to open my current projects, but
>> should I had saved settings/caches/etc.. before opening a new project
>> with timeline_refactoring branch?
> Considered that it is still experimental, you'd better backup everything if
> you don't want it to be lost :) Plus if you save in the new version, it will
> not open in the previous one.
> AFAIR, caches should be fine, but settings could be messed up a bit (we made
> some changes there)

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