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As for separate phab tasks I recommend to hear the devs on this. I see pros and cons for both a summary task as well as individual tasks. Personally, from previous work I got the impression that summary tasks auickly tend to get "everything plus a kitchen sink", making it at least difficult to track individual items, as everyone dumps everything into them. It's then difficult to close finished tasks.
Best regards,Harald
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Hi !

2017-10-02 15:00 GMT+02:00 alberto fuentes <pajaro at>:
I was preparing an email to discuss a effects/keyframing/tracks

workflow, then realized I hadnt try the new refactoring branch yet,

and gave it a try to build on whatever is already being worked at

I just compiled a timeline_refactoring and noticed a few bugs/big

things missing, like copy/paste clips. Im trying to figure out

phabricator. Should I create a task per bug under 17.12 bugs task? Are

this kind of things just known? (I mean, no copy/paste)

This is known, but it is nice to have a tracking of the things that remains to be reimplemented.For this, one task for each feature might be too much, you can create a task "Missing Features" under the appropriate category (bin, timeline, ...) 

What kind of things are going to be discussed at the cafe? what should

I prepare? I had a few things to do today, but making kdenlive better

seems an interesting thing to spend the day :)
We'll discuss various thing, but the refactoring is probably going to be one topic.Feel free to attend if you have ideas to share :)  Thanks for reading!

PS: One question, I dont intend to open my current projects, but

should I had saved settings/caches/etc.. before opening a new project

with timeline_refactoring branch?

Considered that it is still experimental, you'd better backup everything if you don't want it to be lost :) Plus if you save in the new version, it will not open in the previous one.AFAIR, caches should be fine, but settings could be messed up a bit (we made some changes there) 

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